Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of SEPTEMBER!!!!

OMG!!! Have I been getting sore as the day went on!!! It didnt help that I decided to take all of my classes out to the track and I walked about 3 and half miles!!! I can tell you that I am starting to feel the aftermath of "ANGIE". Have no FEAR I wasnt afraid to return back to the fort!!


3(30)-2(40)-1(50)-1(55)-1(60 and I FAILED :(!!!)

***maybe I can just blame "ANGIE" LOL!!

AMRAP in 20:00
5 Thrusters(need to work on my depth)
7 hang power cleans
10 Sumo-deadlift high pull ( well I decided after FGB IV that I wanted to try a wider stance...Go figured that would workout much better!!! haha would of been good to know on saturday!! lol)

I did this workout RXD at 30 kg and I got 7 rounds and 1thruster!!
Last time I did it at 25 and completed 8 rounds! Today I took my time with the sumo-deadlifts and worked on my form!!! NEXT TIME!!

Breakfast: Strawberries and Almonds
Lunch: Salad and grilled chicken
Dinner: Broasted chicken

Tuesday 9-29-09

What a day!!! I have really wasn't that sore today but I did start to catch a cold!!! I seem to be losing my voice!!!I thought it was from all the screaming on saturday but it just keeps getting worse and I feel like I am coming down with a head cold!!! I guess thats what happens when your a teacher!!! Today I was back at the fort and oh what a workout it was!!! haha its been so long since I counted to 100 and I had to do it 4x's!!!! I am really glad that I have been taking really good care of my hand because both of them and the rest of my body survived this workout!!!

100 pull-ups (green band)
100 push-ups
100 sit-ups
100 squats

Completed in 22:55 minutes

Breakfast: Almonds( I need to find more time to eat in the morning :( I just enjoy that extra 20 mins of sleep!!!:)
Lunch-Steak and Broccoli
Dinner-Chicken with salsa, peas, and a salad!!!

Monday 9-28-09

Today I took a much needed rest day!!!!!

Breakfast- Cup of OJ, Cup of almonds
Lunch-Grilled chicken, onions and green peppers with peas
Dinner- Steak and Broccoli

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sorry guys this past week has been crazy!!! I had a huge test in my School Law class and I didnt have time to post anything!!! So what I am going to do is give a week overview!!!

Rest day!! However, I went up to the Cubs game!!!

I was back at the fort!!!

Power Snatch -3(30kg)-2(34.6kg)-1(40kg)-1(44.6kg)-1(46.8kg) PR!!!!

AMRAP 6Min of:
25 double unders(I did single unders)
10 Burpees(no push)
100 m Sprint
***1 min rest/3rounds

Round1-3rounds, 25, 5
Round2- 3 rounds, 10
Rounds3-3 rounds, 25,1



Front Squat:


"Horrible Hundred"
25 Deadlifts
25 clean and jerks
25 thrusters
25 overhead squats

I DID IT RxD IN 15:37!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Will be feeling this one tomorrow!!!

LAW TEST!!! MUCH NEEDED REST DAY!!! Just a little on the sore side from yesterdays workout!!!




8 Rounds of:
7 handstand pull-ups
7hang power cleans


Saturday 9/26
Well today was suppose to be my rest day but at 12:30 after watching everyone go I decided to sign up to go at 1!!! Am I crazy??? No, Just unperdictable!!!! LOL! Next year I will sign up earlier and make sure I am more mentally prepared for the workout!!! This was only the second time that I have done FGB and the first time at Rxd!! Round 1 was going great and then round 2 my back started to lock up!!!! Round 3 Was a struggle between the pain and determination to finish!!! It was all worth it because I did it for my Dad!!!! 4 U and ME Dad 10-26-06!!!!!

Sunday 9/27


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grad class thursdays!!! 9-17-09

REST DAY DUE TO MY GRAD CLASS!!! I will be back at the fort tomorrow!! However, I did play rugby with my fitness classes today!

Breakfast: Almonds and Cherry tomatoes
Lunch: Hamburger patty, jalapenos and a fruit cup
Dinner: Steak with Broccoli, peas, and a tomato/cucumber salad(olive oil and red wine vinegar)

Wed 9-16-09

Well, I was expecting to make it to the fort today but I had a longer hair appointment than expected lol!!! I guess someone was telling me I needed to rest after all of those wall ball shots...My legs got really sore as the day went on.

Breakfast: Almonds
Lunch: Chicken and broccoli
Dinner: Beef tips/ 1 hamburger patty with Bacon, tomato and jalapenos.

Tuesday 9-15-09

Over head Squat:
**I need to work the depth of my squat and remember to stay on my heels...

150 wall ball shots with 14....I DID IT prescribed in 12:10!!! Yeah, I will work on getting that time down for next time!!

Breakfast: Almonds and Strawberries
Lunch: Steak and Broccoli
Dinner Chicken, Broccoli and a tomato/cucumber salad